The Disturbance Theory - Do Not Disturb!

The Disturbance Theory - Do Not Disturb! Richard Windows, STRI Turfgrass Agronomist.

I would like to thank Richard Windows for permission to translate into German. February 25, 2017 Norbert Lischka

Perennial grasses such as Festuca and Agrostis Capillaris require some time to establish. Richard Windows describes this in a really great article. Apparently most of the examples in his article are based on Links Open Championship courses. This data and the specified parameters cannot be transferred 1:1 to other places. Most of the time, however, the principle of low disturbance for the successful establishment of Festuca and/or Agrostis species remains unchanged.

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Minimum Level Sustainable Nutrition

Although there have been repeated calls specifically for soil samples for lawns, it was only MLSN (MLSN = Minimum Level of Sustainable Nutrition) in conjunction with Mehlich 3 that took up this issue.

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