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Who will look after our places tomorrow?

This is a serious scenario that many clubs could move towards with their pitches in the next 1-5 years. A lack of staff has a lasting, damaging effect on every golf course. Problems develop slowly and hidden beneath the turf. If they become visible after a few years, complex and expensive renovations are usually necessary. Regular gaming operations are often no longer guaranteed. The knowledge of these connections and the enormous time pressure caused by the staff shortage increase the psychological strain on the entire field team.

What could be done about it? Greenkeepers and grounds workers can feed their families, especially with fair wages and salaries. Attractive working hours and family-friendly vacation plans can help make this great job more interesting again. Then it will be possible to attract applicants from related professional groups and to sustainably maintain and develop the facilities. Clubs and operators and every single golfer have a duty here! In golf there is often talk of respect and fairness. Invest in your greenkeeping and please treat your employees fairly and respectfully. Good course maintenance costs money - good employees are valuable!

What alternatives are there? No. Golf courses will soon have to close their facilities due to a lack of staff. Do you want that?

It is therefore up to every golfer whether a decision will be made about higher annual membership fees at your next general meeting. Above all, you decide whether golf can still be played on your course in the future by better pay for the greenkeepers/course workers.

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