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Fixed playing areas

Solid green = fast green; the ball rolls more faithfully and further! A stable surface is less prone to wheel and foot marks, pitch marks are less deep and disease is reduced.

Greenkeeping has put a lot of effort into soft greens in the past. In order to get beautiful, lush greens, a lot of fertilizing, watering and care was taken. To achieve higher speeds, the cutting height has been lowered. The soils became compacted and the false grass, Poa annua, took hold. Despite enormous effort, such greens are almost impossible to maintain anymore.

We counteract this negative development with sustainable greenkeeping! We provide the plants with everything they need - but nothing more! This cures the soil, re-establishes efficient and healthy grasses and relieves the burden on nature and the environment.

With targeted soil cultivation, topdressing, reseeding, regulated irrigation and many other targeted measures, neglected greens are slowly but steadily transformed. Firm, fast and faithful greens are then just a byproduct!

STOMATA is a network of greenkeepers and experts. We see ourselves as an independent discussion forum to bring golf and greenkeeping together and make them future-proof!

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