Arbeitskreis für Nachhaltiges Greenkeeping



 Stomata Guidelines  (Click to enlarge)

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The development and implementation of viable concept’s for economical, ecological, cultural and social thinking;

Not forgetting that the smaller things are always part of the bigger picture.

(the small one is part of the big one). 

Being proactive in shaping the future, which should involve as many people as possible.

The "Stomata" concept

1. Economical awareness

Become more efficient, with the aim of reducing work hours for personal and maintenance machinery.

2. Ecological awareness

Plans for reducing fertilisers, water, chemicals, fuels, lubricants and electricity.

An increased use of organic fertilisers and bio-stimulants as to promote healthy soils, flora and fauna.  

3. Social awareness

Local networking of practical and theoretical experiences, with Stomata members for interested Greenkeepers.

Sharing experiences and knowledge by means of the Stomata website, telephone or e-mail.

4. Cultural awareness

Identifying and implementation of alternative greenkeeping methods;

Support and exchange ideas with associations (GVD, DGV, GMVD, BVGA, DRG, PGA)

Help and support with practical and scientific information on the website.

Support tutors from our work group for Deula Kempen and Bavaria; Dr. Dirk Kauter, Andrew Foyle and Sebastian Illbruck.